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Human Genetics had two students featured in this edition of the Monday Monthly -

Horacia Naidoo and Kamogelo Lebeko

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“Genetic advantage: why Southern Africa may be the best place on Earth for health science research”

Research is competitive – despite also often being collaborative. In the global competition surrounding health science research, UCT’s Faculty of Health Sciences stacks up as one of the best in the world: the latest results of the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings placed the faculty at 48th globally. This is in large part due to the calibre of researchers and teaching. It could also be argued, however, that researchers in the field have a perhaps unexpected advantage: the genetic diversity of the population on our doorstep.

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Science Awareness Day : National Science Week

The Division of Human Genetics together with the Department of Science and Technology hosted a Science Awareness Day on the 6th of August 2014. The event was well-received and boasted an impressive line-up of speakers:

Professor Nina Jablonski: “Why Appearance Matters: Why looks always have been and still are important to people”

Professor Sean Kaliski: “Genetics and Crime”

Dr Aisha Pandor: “Science and Entrepreneurship”

Vanessa Lynch: “The DNA Project”

Claudette Medefindt: “The Patients’ Perspective”

Science Awareness Day_6 August 2014

Genetics Awareness Day

Join us for Genetics Awareness Day on the 25th of September 2014!

Professor Jacquie Greenberg’s Inaugural Lecture

Click here to see Professor Greenberg’s Inaugural Lecture entitled:  “A Journey Along the Double Helix”

SAWISE Profile on Fiona Baine

This is an excerpt from the SAWISE profile on our PhD student Fiona Baine…

“Celebrating Women in Science and Engineering”

December 2013 | Interview with Fiona Kebirungi Baine
My name is Fiona Kebirungi Baine. I grew up in Uganda in a family of seven and moved to Cape Town to go to university. I always had a keen interest in science and there were many more options for study at the University of Cape Town. I completed my BSc in Genetics, with Economics as my second specialty. Thereafter, I joined the Division of Human Genetics in the Faculty of Health Sciences and found my passion doing research on inherited diseases that affect not just individuals but families and societies. In 2011, I enrolled for a PhD in Human Genetics and I am hoping to complete that study in the next year or so.

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