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Molecular Genetics

DNA Extraction

The Division of Human Genetics offers a DNA extraction service to academic institutions in the Western Cape.

We are dedicated to provide this non-profit service in a timely and quality assured fashion


The service offers the extraction of DNA from peripheral blood lymphocytes, saliva or formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue samples.

a. Transport/ collection

For the isolation of DNA from whole blood, refrigerated samples should be sent to the laboratory in 5ml EDTA tubes. Please contact the DNA isolation laboratory for advice/ assistance on methods for transport and collection of specific sample types.

b. Turn-around time

DNA is extracted from whole blood within four working days from the date that the sample enters the laboratory.

c. Quantification

All DNA samples are quantified and supplied in labeled nuclease-free tubes.  Samples may be reconstituted in a user defined buffer and normalized to a pre-defined concentration.

d. Quality Control

Depending on the specific requirements for the sample, quality control can be performed to test the DNA integrity and/ or quality.

e. Cost per sample

DNA extraction from 5ml whole blood or Buffy-coat: R200.00

DNA extraction from 300µl whole blood: R160.00

f. DNA banking

Samples may be stored in a monitored and secure facility at -80°C or -20°C for an additional cost of R50.00/ sample.

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: DNA isolation laboratory – Dr Yolandi Roodt (021) 4066501